Yoda says “Much HTML5 I sense in the Firefox 4.0 beta”

Websockets API I see…

New tags have you…

Download Firefox 4.0 Beta Here

Will HTML5 Dilute the AppStore’s Juice?

Something tells me Apple will already be moving on to the next thing by the time HTML5 browser apps begin to take a bite out of the AppStore. Apple will need to remain in a position to keep people following the carrot… er Apple.

WirelessGround.com’s Full Article Here

Creating an Interactive Map with jQuery

This is a really cool article and a really great CSS maniac site. The article I’m referencing is about creating a an interactive map with jQuery and nice graphics.

Read the article here

HTML5 Programming with F#

Although I am personally convinced that a developer in today’s alphabet soup of languages could completely lose grip of temporal reality by trying to learn all the consonants, this blog this appeared in the latest MSDN newsletter presents a couple of pretty interesting examples prefaced by “you’ll need a browser capable of handling the <CANVAS> tag”

Read the article here.

$fx Javascript Animation for HTML5

At 3.7kb, this little Javascript Animation Library could be your answer to making that little bit of difference on your next site instead of using Flash.

What I like about this is the ability to animate <div>s. There are a million and one creative uses to be able to animate the position, rotation, size or opacity of a CSS element.

I am really psyched to find this HTML5 Tool!

Click here for $fx Javascript Animation Library

721% Increase in HTML5 Jobs

Does that mean that there are 721 jobs! lol

According to Freelancer.com:

The Apple Effect: 26% of all web video is available using HTML5 (The Register) and this number is only going to increase as Steve Jobs famously gave Flash the cold shoulder with the release of the iPad and new iPhone. This endorsement gave HTML5 the shot in the arm it needed and lead to a massive 721% boost in HTML5 jobs.”

Read the PRNEWSWIRE.com Article Here

HTML5Tools.net Interviews Justin Ouellette of Muxtape

On band, Francis and the Lights’ HTML5 Embedded Album

Francis Farewell Starlite was kind enough to point us in the direction of Muxtape’s Creative Director, Justin Ouellette for the answer on what their motivation was to produce an HTML5 Embedded Album Preview for “It’ll Be Better”, which speaks in a lot of ways to the HTML5 movement, although I’m not sure that’s what the band had in mind.

“Justin Ouellette is the man you should ask for a quote from. It was all his idea.” – Francis

The HTML5 Embedded Preview of the album lets you play the entire set right on your browser or on your iPhone/iPad. The sound is actually very good and so is the album! You need to check it out.

HTML5Tools:  Justin, did you wake up one day and go “this is what we gotta do!” ?

Justin: “In the old days, getting a new record meant holding something substantial and beautiful in your hands.  We saw the iPad and thought, “holding this thing could be a lot like holding a record”, a tactile reminder of the substance of the music, something that’s missing from a simple download.”

HTML5Tools: Why HTML5?

Justin: “I chose HTML5 instead of writing a native app because of its universality; it’s much easier to keep the experience consistent across the web site, mobile devices, and an embedded player when it’s all literally the same code.”

-end of interview

Dude! can you imagine where these guys might take it next? Like an HTML5 version of  that really awesome Zepplin LP that had the rotating disc in it so the pictures change and everything. Remember that!? OK maybe I’m showing my age… back to work.

Check out Francis and the Lights’ It’ll be Better and Muxtape. These guys are on the cutting edge of the record business.

Francis & the Lights Launch the first HTML5 Embeddable Album

Pretty cool. It’s like zero code. <script src=”http://itllbebetter.com/embed.js?width=500″></script>

Kindle get’s itself a little HTML5

Since the Kindle Reader has broken away from just the Kindle device, which was an incredibly smart move by Bezos and company, it’s not a surprise that their new “look inside the book” type feature will use HTML5 so it’s highly accessible (or at all) on the iPad.

I had a client just the other day who owns an iPhone tell me he wanted to get a Kindle and when he found out that he could just get the App for free, he immediately bought a book just to see how it worked.

Brilliant marketing by Amazon in the race to own the electronic bookstore. Read the Amazon Release Here.
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display, U.S. Wireless)

Why we need to get parental supervision in HTML5

Look I Searched for Geek in a Beanbag and Got a Linux Guy. Go figure!

Stephen Shankland, from CNET news reported today that the people behind the actual specification of HTML5 are experiencing some “growing pains”.  He goes on to say that they are using juvenile smack phrases and generally disagreeing with each other about some minor semantics of the specification.

I hate to say it but I used to be a UI designer with some of these types of guys in a software dev team. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ll try not to be too mean here but when all you do is sit in your cave and write ethereal code, I think you become really attached to it in the same way that Golem loves “his precious” . That’s why, as a designer/developer (a less endowed coder) who get’s out in public, does not have a bean bag for a desk and who gave up playing with my Linux quite a while ago for sexier things and is content to keep doing Flash sites until the uber-geeks figure it out; I’m glad Apple, Adobe and Google have stuck a stake in this.

Without some corporate structure, this HTML5 spec will faff along like a whimsical dream. The pressure you are seeing from these companies to push the spec is likely the only thing that will bring it to us in the foreseeable future. It will also get the fur flying with the guys making the spec. You’re seeing that now.

Read Stephen’s Article here.

It’s probably only fair to reference the unsuspecting Linux geek that I piked the photo from here.