Jake Brownson talks to HTML5Tools.Net About “Hand of Greed”

A big thanks to Jake Brownson from Brainium Studios, creator of the recently released “Hand of Greed” iPhone Game App written with HTML5 for responding to our recent e-interview inquiry. I hope to get a lot more of these!

HTML5Tools: Jake can you give us a little insight on your experience developing this App with HTML5?

Jake: “I had never actually done any HTML5 before, and not a lot of Javascript. Appular had the idea to do a web based version of the game and I thought it would be a fun challenge to see what was possible with HTML5.”

HTML5Tools: Was it difficult?

Jake: “It was pretty straightforward once I figured out how to do classes in Javascript. I managed to get an initial version working in a couple days. The only trick I had to use was to get the animation smooth. I couldn’t do frame-by-frame animation of the blades and get good performance on the phone so I actually had to use the WebKit animation features to animate the blades spinning and interpolate based on time to get the position of the blades.”

HTML5Tools: Once you got it figured out, were you happy with that solution?

Jake: “It’s not an ideal solution, but it was surprisingly accurate.”

HTML5Tools: What do you like about developing it this way?

Jake: “I really like the idea of giving our users a chance to understand what the game is all about by
interacting with it directly in the ad.”

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